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Harare Gardens Police Terrorize And Extort Money From Citizens Over Face Masks

28 Oct, 2020 01:00

Zimbabwe Police Officers patrol the city centre in Harare

By: Zimbabwe Times Online Reporter

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers deployed in the Harare Gardens are alleged to be terrorizing and extorting money from citizens.

It has been established that police officers deployed at Harare Gardens are terrorizing and arresting hordes of people for various petty crimes including failure to properly put on face masks and only releasing them after payment of US$5 bribes.

One of the victims who spoke on the condition of anonymity claims that she and the other 15 people were arrested and taken to a Police base in the gardens at around 9 am on Monday and were forced to pay US$5 in bribes.

She revealed that they were detained for 2 hours inside a Police post on the pretext that a lorry would come and ferry them to Harare Central Police Station where they would pay fines.

“We waited for more than 2 hours inside the post and in the meantime, the cops harassed and even made physical threats against us. Because we had business to do in town we grew impatient and weary of waiting and one by one we were called outside the Police post and released on paying a bribe,” said the woman.

She added that she is prepared to identify the police officers that terrorized and extorted money from her and the other 15 people.

“I am so disgusted and shocked by the rogue behavior of the Police that I am ready to identify the culprits if a professional parade is to be put together. I tried to call my lawyer but he was in court at the time. I can’t believe this is happening in Zimbabwe,” said the woman.

National Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident. He said that that a team of police officers has already been dispatched to Harare Gardens to investigate the matter. He, however,  revealed that he suspected the victims were swindled by bogus cops pretending to ZRP police officers.

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