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Zemura’s new film raises drug awareness

FILMMAKER Nick Zemura says he is working on a new film titled Mugariro/Impilo which centres on the widespread use of drugs in society.

The country has seen a spike in drug and substance abuse among the youths and schoolchildren.

About 2 000 people have so far been arrested under operation No to Dangerous Drugs and Illicit Substances as police intensify efforts to combat drug abuse.

Zemura told NewsDay Life & Style that the film is a fictional story, but very relevant to what is happening now in Zimbabwe.

“The film Mugariro/lmpilo exposes the drug value chain and how people get involved, how drugs enter in the country, distribution, how they are sold, who uses them and why it is done,” he noted.

“We are in the post-production stage, we finished filming season 1, now editing and submitting the episodes to the network. Each episode is 24 minutes and we have 13 episodes, but we are going into the second season very soon which will offer solutions.”

Zemura said he was in partnership with a local television station which is yet to be launched and the show would premiere on the station as soon as it launches.

“There are a lot of new faces in the series with some from the Zimbabwe Theatre Academy whom we have partnered,” he said.

Among the film’s cast include Charles “Wakanaka” Kapfupi, who shot to fame through his role in the now-defunct and once popular television drama series Studio 263 and Kessia Masona, an actress and musician popularly known as Muchaneta in showbiz and Muthuso “Uncle Madlela” Ndlovu.


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