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We Are Ready To Receive Zimbabweans From South Africa, Says Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa says Zimbabwe is ready to welcome back citizens of the country who are in South Africa.

Zimbabweans, who make up South Africa’s largest group of immigrants numbering up to 800 000, face an uncertain future in the Rainbow Nation. 

The South African government, which previously gave the Zimbabwean nationals Zimbabwe Exemption Permits (ZEP) to 180 000 Zimbabwean, has given them up to June this year to get critical skills visas or leave the country.

Speaking at the National Youth Day celebrations held in Bulawayo today, Mnangagwa, who is ZANU PF presidential candidate in the upcoming election,  reiterated that the country is ready to welcome Zimbabwean citizens from South African. He said:

Our government is ready to receive our citizens coming back from South Africa and from elesewhere so they can exploit opportunities in the country. 

The country is ready to receive all citizens coming from SA. Come back home, ekhaya, kumusha.

I want you as the youth to raise your full potential and succeed“.

Mnangagwa said those coming home will find “opportunities” waiting for them. He said:

There are opportunities in Agriculture, Mining and their value chains. Do not be bystanders.”


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