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'World's hottest grandmother' shares secrets to youthful looks 

 24 Aug, 2020 17:30

By: Zimbabwe Times Online Reporter

This gorgeous granny stays hot by keeping cool.

A woman who previously earned fame as the “world’s hottest grandmother” has shared a secret to her age-defying looks, revealing that she relies on chilly cryotherapy sessions for rejuvenation.

Gina Stewart, 49, shot to social media stardom through Maxim’s Finest Australia contest two years ago and has kept her Instagram following of 26,000 enchanted ever since.

The mother of four and grandmother of one recently revealed that she cools off with cryotherapy freezing treatments to stay slim. The cold therapy requires baring it all in a "cryosauna" chamber chilled to about -264 degrees F for several minutes, allegedly to reduce inflammation, encourage weight loss and slow signs of aging.

“Something I’m doing and have done for a while now to keep myself looking youthful is cryotherapy,” the Australian woman from Gold Coast, Queensland, told the Daily Star in a Sunday interview “It’s three minutes a session and I literally freeze myself to -110 C [-230 F] for three minutes a session. It’s literally colder than the North Pole.”

“It’s amazing for skin collagen and health, the effects are like rejuvenation for the whole body and each session burns up to 800 calories,” Stewart added.

In other health and beauty hacks, Stewart admitted that she’s a bit scared of Botox because she’s “terrified of needles,” preferring to trust a natural extract as a “secret weapon.”

“I believe [the] Rosehip oil I use daily is anti-aging, so that’s Botox in a bottle for me. My secret weapon!” she exclaimed.

As for general wellness, the influencer enjoys a protein-rich diet; Stewart cited chicken, broccoli and sweet potatoes as some of her favorite fare.

Nevertheless, even the social media star can’t resist a sweet treat now and then.

“I do love chocolate so I don’t deny this, but only in moderation,” Stewart said.

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