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Dj Fantan Turns To Social Media As Dj Levels ‘Disappears’

j Fantan Turns To Social Media As Dj Levels ‘Disappears’

Popular Zimdancehall producer and Chillspot records co-founder,  Arnold “DJ Fantan” Kamudyariwa has taken to social media in an effort to reach out to Dj Levels who has seemingly disappeared.

Dj Levels who is currently making headlines after his nude picture and bedroom tape with ‘ex-girlfriend’ Shashl went viral is said to be unreachable and nowhere to be found.

In an effort to reach out to his long-time friend and business partner, Dj Fantan took to his Facebook page and penned a message directed at Levels.

Dj Fantan who is worried about Levels’ well-being has pleaded with him to get in touch and give his side of the story. He urged Levels not to forget how far he has come and to remain strong even in the face of all the backlash that he is currently receiving on social media.

“@levels_chillspot All efforts to get in touch with you have failed

But please never forget how far you have come and all the times you have pushed on even when you felt like you couldn’t.

Getting knocked down in life is a given but there are a lot of people who need you and are waiting to hear your side of the story, link op breda ASAP

Maziviro andokuita hangu ini, I know u are strong and you are clean like Jesus police record. (Haube*he munhu) Jah nuh sleep,” Fantan wrote.

Meanwhile, in an audio that is trending on social media his ex-lover Shashl revealed he once came over to her place in the morning trying to talk to her but she refused and he left.

Shashl said that Levels said something about going somewhere out of town but is not sure where. She said when she tried to get in touch with him later on his numbers were unreachable.


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